Paul Walmsley of PW Auto Electrical began his motor vehicle air conditioning training in 1999 with Auto climate, one of the UKs leading independent motor vehicle air conditioning specialists.

Undertaking Auto climate’s official training program and the first nationally recognised training program for A/C work in the motor industry, of which he completed the full course over a six-year period obtaining the highest qualifications possible at the time. Leading PW Auto Electrical to become a franchised service centre of excellence in A/C repairs for Buckinghamshire in Auto climates UK network.

Paul now undertakes all aspects of a/c work from advanced diagnostics to annual servicing & maintenance using the very latest equipment.

For our customers with classic cars looking for a A/C repair service Paul has the expertise and tooling to work on these older A/C systems.

Paul has had a great deal of experience in converting the older cars, still running on the now illegal R12 refrigerant to the 134A refrigerant.

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  • Automotive air conditioning training programme National Qualifications.
  • Module 1 A/C fundamentals and refrigerant handling 2000.
  • Module 2 components. 2000
  • Module 3 Auto electrics 2001.
  • Module 4 Basic diagnostics. 2001
  • Module 5 Climate control 2002.
  • Module 6 Advanced Diagnostics 2004.
    Module 52 A/C principles and Equipment operation. 2005.
  • Paul has over 36 years experience in the auto electrical industry and over 22 years experience working on motor vehicle A/C systems.

A/C & HVAC Climate Control Disagnostics

Paul at PW Auto Electrical has the expertise & the training needed to work on today’s advanced climate control systems, aided with some of the latest diagnostic software & systems information data along with over 20yrs of hands-on experience. Paul has solved arrange of faults for many customers over the years ranging from the troublesome & hard to pinpoint intermittent electronic/electrical faults, through to the smallest of refrigerant leaks.

PW Auto Electrical have the facilities needed to undertake full interior dashboard removals to gain access to the HVAC boxes & controls fitted to the modern vehicle.

A/C Servicing Evacuation & Recharging

P W Auto Electrical have the training & equipment to undertake annual servicing & maintenance including a/c recharging on all modern vehicles including Hybrid vehicles.

Paul can carry out Evacuation & recharging on cars using the R134A refrigerant as well cars using the very latest R1234YF refrigerant first introduced into new vehicles in 2015 PW Auto electrical use some of the very latest automated machinery for this process delivering outstanding performance and value for money.

A/C Anti Bactierial Treatment (bad odours from HVAC System)

PW Auto Electrical use the very latest ultrasonic nebulisers to completely sterilise the A/C system and internal cabin of vehicles using the very latest evolution of sanitation technology. An environmentally friendly disinfectant which works against different types of bacteria, viruses, fungi and removes bad odours from inside the vehicle.

PW Auto Electrical can supply & fit cabin pollen filter replacements for all makes of vehicle.

A/C System Flushing & Compressor Replacement services

PW Auto Electrical can accurately diagnose a a/c compressor fault & recommend the correct repairing processes, including full a/c system flushing using the very latest flushing equipment as recommend by OE [original equipment manufacturers]. PW Auto Electrical are one of the few garages to offer this very important service.

A/C System flushing of contaminates is essential work whenever a A/C compressor is changed due to an internal failure, otherwise the new compressor will fail, and the manufactures will void compressor warranty.

A/C system flushing clears all pipe work and A/C components of contaminates.

PW Auto Electrical can offer a full replacement service for your failed compressor, from direct manufacture replacement from one of our trusted partners to a full compressor rebuild for the hard to source compressor.

Classic Car Air Conditioning Servicing & repairs

PW Auto Electrical can offer all aspects of a/c work on classic cars, from a/c inspections & fault finding through to full a/c servicing on the older systems.

Paul has gained over the years of hands on work a vast knowledge of classic car a/c system’s operations and their faults.

PW Auto Electrical have a selection of older service equipment needed to work on these systems, which can still be running on the R12 refrigerant which Paul has experience working with.

PW Auto Electrical have repaired and made new a/c pipe work for classic car a/c systems and carried out many refrigerant conversions for their customers over the years.

PW Auto Electrical can offer the following a/c Services

A/C diagnostics & fault finding

A/C servicing to systems using the 134A refrigerant.

A/C servicing to systems using the R1234YF refrigerant.

A/C servicing to systems on Hybrid vehicles.

A/C leak detection investigation work.

A/C R134A/1234YF nitrogen leak detection work.

A/C ultrasonic nebulizer treatment.

A/C cabin filters supplied & fitted

A/C system dedicated flushing equipment

A/C compressor replacement service

A/C compressor rebuilds for rare models

A/C parts supplied & fitted

A/C pipe work repairs

A/C work undertaken on classic cars

A/C classic car R12 to 134A a/c refrigerant conversions

A/C network of partners UK & worldwide for the supply of parts & information