Recent and ongoing, 1969 4.2 E Type Jaguar:

One of my last projects of 2020, was to inspect the wiring and electrical integrity of a very original and genuine E Type Jaguar. After reporting back to the owner, the decision was made to remove all the old wiring with the electrical fittings and begin the process of a complete rewire of the electrical systems. The owner was very clear with his brief in respects of reliability along with the modernizing of the E Type lighting whilst retaining the authenticity of the finished work.

A new complete wiring harness set was purchased, along with some Lucas replica relays and a host of new period finishing materials. All of the external lighting fittings were removed refurbished and refitted with specially made classic car LEDs, except for the head lamps which were replaced with new P700 lights using traditional Filament H4 halogen upgrades for a more authentic light. All other lighting circuits were upgraded with LEDs and hid behind the original fittings. Replacing the old thermal flasher units, with new electronic combination filament and LED compatible relays achieved a vastly approved modern flash rate with visibility.

The charging circuit was wired with the upgraded wiring loom to allow for the higher output alternator being used on the car. All of the external connectors were replaced using brass soldered bullet type connectors, as used on the period Jaguar the new wiring looms were run on their original routes and finished with new detailing materials.

The owner also supplied some new upgraded mechanical items he wanted fitted which our mechanical engineer was happy to help.