PW Auto Electrical is an electrical specialist in vintage cars from the 1920s, 1930s, 1940s and 1950s.

From diagnosing the smallest of faults, to removing and repairing wiring harnesses to creating bespoke modifications and looms. We provide a full diagnostic, design and build service for your vintage vehicle.

Vintage car rewire & lighting upgrades

Being a child of the sixties, growing up through the seventies and beginning my auto electrical career in 1984. This was the era of learning how to repair and maintain cars, rather than spend money you didn’t have on new parts. This was the ethos of the generation, that taught me all the cars that came into our workshop were very different to each other from brand, even car and build quality.

Working under the close supervision of some very talented engineers, I gained a great deal of knowledge of how the electrical systems were put together on the many 1960s and 1970s cars that visited the workshop. From diagnosing the smallest of faults, to removing and repairing wiring harnesses from the electrical fires many of these cars of the day suffered from.

The early eighties saw significant developments in the auto electrical world, due to the advancements and applications of the microprocessor transistor. Consequently, many of the older cars lost value and were resigned to the scrap heap as people moved into the modern era of cars.

Until now! Thankfully, many people are now showing deep interest in restoring and driving many of the wonderful vintage cars from the past, in what I consider the golden age of motoring. This was before cars became a soulless piece of material, (a computer on wheels) making Auto Electricians finding our skills back in vogue and extremely sought after. As the skills my generation learnt are not required to be taught anymore, and with time pasting people like myself are a dying breed. Therefore, as I approach nearly forty years in the auto electrical industry, I now find myself back in fashion and doing what I love working on and repairing our heritage.

All Vintage car electrical work will be carried out in our modern, fully heated workshop in Aylesbury Buckinghamshire. If your vehicle has to be moved for additional specialist works, this will only happen with your authorisation, transportation and insurances will be provided.

All Vintage car electrical work from consultation to completion will be undertaken by Paul Walmsley, only specialist engineering work will be outsourced, allowing for good levels of communication, continuity, and control over customer projects.

Services available:

  • Complete Vintage car rewiring services – consultation –design – build & installation
  • Vintage car electrical equipment external lamps and switches refurbished upgraded
  • Period wiring looms bespoke handmade to customer’s requirements
  • Vintage car general electrical repairs
  • Vintage car electrical fault finding
  • Repairs and advice on charging circuit problems
  • Bespoke charging system modifications – improvements including period dynamo re-engineering retaining all period features and matching with bespoke handmade electronic regulators for enhanced performance and reliability.
  • Charging circuits modified and upgraded for performance and reliability retaining authentic period looks and features.
  • Vintage lighting improvements and conversions all in cased inside original light fittings. Including bulb upgrades and LED conversions using high end LED fitments designed for Vintage car applications and re engineering purposes
  • Modern indicator and hazard circuits fitted to Vintage cars for improved visibility and safety for today’s roads, using traditional filament bulbs or LEDs or a combination of both all of which can be in cased in original Vintage fittings while achieving a modern flasher rate with enhanced colour Including flashing trafficator semaphore upgrades.
  • Starting circuit improvements and modifications for improved performance and reliability.